Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got Chicken?

I just got done packaging a case of boneless skinless chicken. The one must have accessory for buying and storing in bulk is a Food Saver. Why...

Things stay so much more fresh since the air is taken out and the seal is tight.

If you forget to defrost some meat for dinner you can submerge the whole bag in cold water and it thaws so much faster then having to put it in the fridge days before to thaw. I tried this with ziplock bags and they always get water on the meat and make it gross.
The biggest complaint I hear from other moms is that they did not know what they were making or forgot to thaw their meat and now have to order out or go out to but some thawed meat at the store for dinner

Now for the cost benefit of buying in bulk.
This chicken will feed the 4 of us for 16 meals and only cost $ are talking about $3.25 per meal for the meat portion, less then $1 per person/per meal.

On a side note if you use a food saver Walmart sells the bags under the walmart brand for much less expensive then the name brand food saver bags.

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