Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some of my favorite things

I have some products I just love that help make cooking easier. Most of these items can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond (using a 20% coupon of course) or big box stores like Walmart, Kmart

Muffin Top Pan

This is the best for baking kid friendly muffins. The are similar to the shape of cookies, easier for kids to eat and seem to make less crumbs then a traditional muffin. I make muffins often for my kids to pack in their lunch or for after school snacks

Microwave Steamer

This is great for cooking frozen vegetables fast.

Food dicer

I am not the best with a knife. I use this to dice tomato's for salads mostly but it has many other uses, plus it comes with 2 sizes small or large dice.

Ikea shredder

This is a life saver. It has a non skid bottom and come with 2 size shreds, fine or regular. It goes right into the bowl and even come with a storage lid for if you do not use all of whatever you shredded

Steam in bag microwave vegetables

These are the best. They cook right in the bag so it cuts down on extra dishes. I usually just cook them dump them in a bowl, add to salt, pepper and garlic or onion powder. My store (Shop Rite) sells their own brand which are much less expensive ($1.49 each) than the major label brands

Shark Cordless Sweeper

I know this is not a food item but I could not live without my Shark cordless vacuum. This is a must if you have young kids. I only use mine in my kitchen/dining flooring area because it picks up wet and dry food (great for mac and cheese). I use this a couple times a day to pick up all the kid food crumbs

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