Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold Drinks and Warm food on the go

I was in Target one day and came across these Foogo "bottles". Now mind you they are not what I would consider a bottle but more of a straw cup. I decided to pick up a blue and pink one for my kids and they are the best purchase I have ever made. I was so sick of stopping for drinks/water, or having warm drinks after being out a couple hours with the kids running errands. I fill them up before we leave with water and one-two ice cubes and they are ice cold up to 12 hours later. I was so impressed I bought myself one in a larger size (and more adult print).

I decided to try their food jar and again was so impressed. I could send my daughter a hot lunch that were really hot when lunch time came !!

Thermos makes the Foogo's and also the same under the name "funtainers" that come in barbie, HSM, Hannah Montana, batman, spiderman.

Foogo's also come in a more toddler friendly type cup

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